zebra pony mating

| December 15, 2012

zebra pony mating

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Zebroid - wikipedia, A zebroid (also zedonk, zorse, zebra mule, zonkey, and zebmule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid.in most cases, the sire is a zebra stallion.offspring of a donkey sire and zebra dam, called a zebra hinny, or donkra, do exist but are rare and are usually sterile and infertile.zebroids have been bred since the 19th century.. Hybrid equines - messybeast, Equid (horse, donkey, zebra) hybrids are well known and some are bred commercially. the generic term for a zebra hybrid with a horse, pony, donkey or ass is a zebroid.. Dales pony - wikipedia, The dales pony is one of the united kingdom's native mountain and moorland pony breeds.the breed is known for its strength, hardiness, stamina, courage, intelligence, and good disposition. the history of the modern dales pony is strongly linked to the history of lead mining in the dales area of england, and it was originally a working pony descended from a number of breeds..

Animals - latest news updates, pictures, video, reaction, Here you will find the latest updates of stories about animals in england and around the world. read the weird and wonderful news reports about zoo animals, pets, wildlife, farm animals, and rare species around the globe.. Horse | mammal | britannica.com, Horse: horse, (equus caballus), a hoofed, herbivorous mammal of the family equidae. it comprises a single species, equus caballus, whose numerous varieties are called breeds. before the advent of mechanized vehicles, the horse was widely used as a draft animal, and riding on horseback was one of the chief. Mammals - info and online games - sheppard software animals, Mammals - info and online games. learn about wolves, lions, elephants and more. includes a fact of the day and a fascinating fact..

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