why do dogs knot

| December 4, 2012

why do dogs knot

After sexual intercourse, why does the penis of a male dog, Two big reasons. one, a dog has a bone in his penis. people do not. and dogs tie together with large ball like knots. again, people don't have those.. Why do dogs have wet noses ? | wonderopolis, Good afternoon, froggy 1! dogs are lots of fun, and we’re glad to learn all about your cool classroom’s pets! wet noses are interesting… and we wonder why some. What to do if a dog knots you - answers.com, Short answer: wait until the penis shrinks back to size. long answer: if in case your dog knots you, you need to wait because the male dog is ejecting his sperm into you..

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Why do dogs get stuck after sex - answers.com, How do dogs get stuck together when they have sex? the dog's penis has a knot that will swell. this swelling is what causes dogs to become stuck. Why does my dog have white poop? - questions & answers, Why does my dog have white poop? why is my dog's stool white? she is a 2 year old daschund.. Why does my dog or cat have diarrhea? - 2nd chance, Does you pet have a chronic diarrhea/vomiting problem ? if it's a dog go here. if its a cat, go here. if parasites might be your pet's problem, and your pet is.

Why does my dog have a swollen nipple? - questions, Why does my dog have a swollen nipple? what is that cyst that has grown out of the side of our dog's nipple? the nipple was swollen but not open.. Why do dogs spin on their butt ? - blurtit, Although i have never seen a dog spin on its butt, i have seen them dragging their butt across a rug. they are actually rubbing their anus to relieving the itching. Why does my dog eat grass & vomit? - pets - pets - the nest, Dog behavior is often a mystery to owners, but eating grass and then throwing up is undoubtedly one of the strangest things dogs do. eating grass usually isn't a.

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