why do dogs knot

| December 4, 2012

why do dogs knot

After sexual intercourse, why does the penis of a male dog, Two big reasons. one, a dog has a bone in his penis. people do not. and dogs tie together with large ball like knots. again, people don't have those.. Why do dogs get stuck while mating - answers.com, Why do dogs get stuck while mateing? so that the sperm cannot leave the vagina, if it can't leave it will increase her chances of becoming fertile.. What to do if a dog knots you - answers.com, Short answer: wait until the penis shrinks back to size. long answer: if in case your dog knots you, you need to wait because the male dog is ejecting his sperm into you..

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Why does my dog have white poop? - questions & answers, Why does my dog have white poop? why is my dog's stool white? she is a 2 year old daschund.. Sarah wilson - why does my herding dog seem to hate labs?, If your herding dog reacts badly to sporting breeds, often labs in particular, you’re not alone. “herding” can mean anything from gathering a few sheep in the. Why does my dog have a swollen nipple? - questions, Why does my dog have a swollen nipple? what is that cyst that has grown out of the side of our dog's nipple? the nipple was swollen but not open..

Why do human females have sex with dogs? | answerbag, Why do human females have sex with dogs? u r all discusting sense here are the reasons1. if you resorted to having sex with dogs than it's because you to. Why does my dog cry while sleeping ? - pets - pets - the nest, Many dog owners have chuckled as they watched their dogs crying, whining and kicking in their sleep, and wondered if their dogs dream. dogs, like other mammals, do. Why do dogs lick your nose? - pets - pets - the nest, While you may be amazed at the closeness you feel with you dog and the similarity in behavior between dogs and people, dogs are still a different species with foreign.

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