example of historian election speeches

| October 30, 2012

example of historian election speeches

Election 2016: the history behind the concession speech | time, Fittingly, then, the concession speech that he singles out as one of history’s best is one that exemplifies that function. there are other noteworthy speeches from concession history, he says: george h.w. bush’s 1992 speech for being garbled, or ross perot’s that same year for his “outrageous” antics.. Was nixon robbed? - slate magazine, "you gotta swallow this one," says a republican hack in oliver stone's nixon, referring to the 1960 election, in which john f. kennedy prevailed. "they. The election of 1800 - american history - thomas jefferson, The election of 1800 - thomas jefferson, john adams, charles c. pinckney, alexander hamilton and more in the election of 1800..

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The unfinished presidency - archive.nytimes.com, By douglas brinkley viking. read the review. election day 1980 on november 4, 1980, at 9:01 p.m. eastern time, president jimmy carter telephoned former governor ronald reagan at the republican's imposing home in southern california; he added to the courtesy with a short telegram congratulating the president-elect on his decisive victory.. French presidential election, 2007 - wikipedia, The 2007 french presidential election, the ninth of the fifth french republic was held to elect the successor to jacques chirac as president of france (and ex officio co-prince of andorra) for a five-year term.. Cartoons and the historian - squarehost, Cartoons and the historian by roy douglas. many historical books contain cartoons, but in most cases these are little more than a relief from the text, and do not make any point of substance which is not made elsewhere..

The lincoln-douglas debates of 1858 - lincoln home, The lincoln-douglas debates were a series of formal political debates between the challenger, abraham lincoln, and the incumbent, stephen a. douglas, in a campaign for one of illinois' two united states senate seats. although lincoln lost the election, these debates launched him into national. Thomas babington macaulay history of england, An outline biography of the life of the historaian thomas babington macaulay author of the history of england from the accession of james the second.. Fake news and election meddling—1940s style | historynet, Fake news, foreign meddling, fbi intrigue, political warfare: the 1940 u.s. presidential election had it all..

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