FUNNY toilet reminder

| September 21, 2012

FUNNY toilet reminder

The, So don't be shy. (read posts below) "don't blame us, you do it too." need an idea? try writing about your latest or most memorable trip to the toilet,. Funny (if not necessarily "passive-aggressive") notes from, Funny (if not necessarily "passive-aggressive") notes from pissed-off people. Old posts from the toilet: page 1593 -, J.b when i was about 5-6 year, me and some of the kids at the daycare liked to watch each other on the toilet. we didn't care that we were boys and girls. we just.

PUT ME DOWN Reminder Sign Gesture Bathroom Toilet Seat ...

Funny one liners - funny sayings, Funny one liners: funny things to say, short funny sayings, best one-liners about life, things you can say to be funny. Talking toilet paper spindle - bathroom tissue -, So i work at a plumbing company, and i like to give plumbing related funny gifts to people up here at work when they force secret santa down my throat.. Funny birthday cards - scribbler - cards free delivery on, Funny birthday cards for some reason we believe that a birthday card says happy birthday more effectively if it is a funny birthday card. scribbler works with more.

The toilet function of friendship (and other relationships), Some people use their friends as a kind of "toilet" into which they can dump all their bad feelings. these individuals rely on a primitive kind of projection to. The 25 most baffling toys from around the world, These are weirdest, most ill-conceived toys from around the globe. if you're about to say that they're "weird" only because of our own xenophobic ignorance of other. 42 hilarious gag gifts that will make them rofl | dodoburd, Sometimes the best gifts are gifts that make them laugh. take a look at our list of hilarious gag gifts that will make their day brighter 🙂.

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