{Design Work} Eco-Chic in Suburbia

| May 19, 2011

Every once and a while, you meet someone who shares the same ideals as you. In turn, you quickly and easily form a bond of mutual respect. So was the case when I first met Katie…or “Eco-Katie” as I like to call her.

Katie contacted me shortly after I launched b.CAUSE designs. She was looking for a way to spruce up the look of her blog, Eco-Chic in Suburbia.

Before, she was using a free template on WordPress.com.


After some discussion on the pros and cons of using WordPress.com versus Blogger, we decided it would be the best fit for her to make the switch over to Blogger. (note: I do not have preference for one over the other. I actually host blogs on both sites. I really believe the decision should be made on a case-by-case basis)

I worked from the Simple template in Blogger, using HTML and CSS shorthand to customize the look. I think the finished product conveys the perfect blend of eco- and chic-ness… :-)




Katie is a twenty-something with a big heart! As she puts it:

I truly believe that “going green” is a necessary and desirable lifestyle choice for everyone – really, I promise that it feels fabulous to be green! I also believe that it is never as easy as we would like to think – especially in suburbia.

Katie’s Blogger blog and Facebook page have only recently launched. Do me a big favor and stop by her blog/page and leave some love! She’s really looking to grow her following base, so if you have a sec., add Eco-Chic in Suburbia to your reader. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

In exchange for her blog makeover, Katie chose to make a donation to Townhall II, a nonprofit organization that provides everything from counseling to helplines to medical clinics in her local area.

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