{Design Work} Hershy’s Corner

| May 4, 2011

Fun, fresh, cheerful, chic.

That’s how I’d describe the new look over at Hershy’s Corner. They say design tastes are a reflection of the person, and that couldn’t be more true in this case.

From the moment she contacted me, Marissa’s been a pleasure to work with. Always cheerful, she made me laugh at least 15 times during our Gmail Chat {and I’m still waiting for your “gonna make you die of laughter” post, M!}

Previously, Marissa was using the Bueno theme on WordPress.com. She was looking for more customization and contacted me {yay!}.

BEFORE: Bueno Theme

To give her the look she was looking for, I opted to install the Toolbox theme by WordPress (based off of Mashable’s dummy site)…

DURING: Toolbox theme

…and completely customized it for her:

AFTER: a b.CAUSE design

What do you think? 

Don’t forget to stop by Hershy’s Corner and leave Marissa some love! Be careful, though! She might rope you into the work-killer otherwise known as Pinterest like she did me! (Oh what, you hadn’t heard? I’m now on Pinterest!)

PS- Stay tuned to see what charity Marissa chose to support with her blog makeover!

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