How to Integrate a Google Calendar into Your Blog

| April 25, 2011

Today, I will share how you can embed a Google Calendar into the sidebar of your blog. Featuring a calendar on your blog allows for more interactivity between you and your readers. Use it to feature upcoming events, showcase a speaking/design schedule, or highlight significant events your readers might be interested in.

In Your Gmail Account

Note: This tutorial assumes you have a Gmail account. If you don’t, consider signing up for one today.

1. After logging into your Gmail account, click Calendar in the top navigation bar.

2. A new window will open. Click the drop down arrow next to the calendar you wish to embed.

3. In the sub-navigation that appears, click Share this Calendar.

4. In the next window, make sure your calendar is marked public. Save your settings.

5. Click Calendar Details.

6. Create a distinguishing name for your calendar (if you haven’t already).

7. In the Embed this Calendar section, click Customize the color, size, and other options.

8. Choose which features you would like to appear. From a design perspective, I recommend keeping things minimalistic. I prefer to only mark Title and Date. If you are featuring events you’d like people to attend, consider also marking Time Zone.

9. Set the Width and Height of your calendar. If you are placing the calendar in your blog’s sidebar, make sure the width is smaller than the width of your sidebar. It tends to work best to make the height the same.

10. Copy the updated HTML code.

In Your Blogger Account

Note: This tutorial assumes you have a Blogger blog.

1. After logging into your Blogger blog, click Design.

2. In your sidebar area, click Add a Gadget.

3. A pop-up will appear. Scroll and find the HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget.

4. Click the Plus sign to add the HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget to your sidebar.

5. In the content area, paste the code you just copied from Google. *You can give the gadget a title if you want, but it’s not necessary, since you already gave your calendar a title. Blogger lets you leave the title blank if you choose. I recommend leaving it blank.

6. Save your changes and preview your new look. You will now see your calendar on your sidebar!

Did you find this tutorial helpful? If you followed this tutorial, leave me a comment with a link to your blog that now showcases a embedded calendar!

Add a google calendar to your website - calendar help, Embed a calendar on your website. you can only get the code to embed in your website from a computer, not the google calendar app. in the top right, click settings settings. on the left side of the screen, click the name of the calendar you want to embed. in the "integrate calendar" section, copy the iframe code displayed. under the embed code, click customize.. How to embed a google calendar into your blogger blog, Earlier this week i suggested adding a google calendar to your classroom blog.after publishing that post i received a few questions about how to do that. in the video below i explain how to embed a google calendar into your blogger blog.. How can i embed a google calendar in a page on my, Google calendar is a free calendar application from google that makes it easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place.. note: you must be an administrator for a site in order to embed the google calendar code.. embedding a google calendar. you can embed a google calendar into your blog by using the google calendar embed code..

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4 ways to add a calendar to your blog - wikihow, Paste the code within your blog html at the location where you want the calendar to appear. give a gap of 1 empty line before and after the code to set it apart from the rest of the html on your blog. 3. save the changes that you have made and view your blog.. Embed google calendar in wordpress in less than 5 minutes, Step 4: add calendar into wordpress. to add your google calendar to your wordpress website, navigate to calendars > add new. first, title your calendar. continue by scrolling down below the text editor and clicking on the google calendar tab. now, copy and paste your calendar’s unique id into the appropriate box.. How to integrate a google calendar into your wordpress website, Embed your google calendar in a page or item click on the handle in front of holiday in france (or your public calendar) and choose calendar settings. in the integrate this calendar section, copy the html code contained in the text box and paste it into your wysiwyg editor that you have entered in text mode beforehand..

How to integrate google calendar with windows 10 calendar app, How to integrate google calendar with windows 10 calendar app. search calendar in the cortana bar. alternatively, click on the windows icon. click on all apps and then open calendar. calendar opens up. that is it now, your google calendar is integrated into windows 10 calendar.. How to add google calendar in wordpress, When you are done, simply click on the publish button to save your calendar. display google calendar on your wordpress site. the google calendar you just created is not visible on your wordpress site yet. you will still need to add the calendar to a wordpress post or page. simply create or edit a wordpress post or page.. How to sync google and outlook calendars - lookeen, Now to import that file into google calendar, you will have to click the import calendar link next to the create new calendar button. click choose file then select the .csv file you saved. if you need to, choose which calendar to import it into with the calendar drop down list, then click import..

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