| April 7, 2011

Kenneth Cole is world-known for his stunning clothing lines and designs. In addition, Kenneth Cole also has a passion for doing good. In 2009, he started a charitable initiative, which he dubbed “Awearness.” The designer/philanthropist created the global nonprofit to celebrate his brand’s 25 years of design and do-goodism.

According to the website, the Kenneth Cole Foundation’s Awearness “promotes, encourages and inspires positive and meaningful social change. We look to raise awareness about important social issues, create change agents, and support like-minded organizations to make a difference.”

Currently, the Foundation is featuring Help USA’s Program, which addresses problems of homelessness in our country. Shop the Awearness reversible Rain Poncho to support Help USA’s program for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS.

In addition, you can also purchase Kenneth Cole’s first book, entitled Awearness: Inspiring Stories About How to Make a Difference. Read more: Kenneth Cole – Awearness – Marie Claire

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