No Excuse for Animal Abuse

| March 31, 2011

This is Patrick.


He was starved, for who knows how long, then stuffed in a trash bag and tossed down a garbage chute by his owner. A bystander heard something move in the bag and found a mere skeleton of a dog. Shockingly, the dog survived after some volunteers at a local humane society and vet’s office gave him the medical care he needed. They called him “Patrick” because he was found and rescued on St. Patrick’s Day.

Why am I sharing? Because it’s disgusting what some people can do. But it’s refreshing to know what other people will do in response to such an act. Movements across the U.S. are stirring up to enact reform at the state levels to generate stiffer penalties for animal abuse.

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YES, the picture is gruesome. And maybe you don’t want to look at it. But it’s real. And turning a blind eye does nothing to make images like this one go away. Worse, a blind eye only makes it more likely for future images like this one to come about.

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