Why Jealousy Does Not Belong in the Nonprofit Sector

| March 14, 2011

“We are like one-winged angels. It is only when we help each other that we can fly.” -Luciano de Crescenzo

While the World Wide Web may have its drawbacks, the Web also provides a number of benefits to nonprofits: inter-connectivity, free marketing, and a vast support system.

It’s easy to find ourselves intimidated by the “big machines” in our niche area. For example, you’re a small animal rescue group. You see the awesome design and interactivity features of the ASPCA’s website. You’re jealous.

It’s okay (and natural) to be hit by the green envy monster. What is not okay is to let that envy hinder your work.

Instead, jealousy–in the nonprofit sector–should be turned into motivation to improve. Rather than develop ill-feelings towards the “big machines,” reach out to them. Ask them who manages their Facebook page, see if they have any manual templates they wouldn’t mind sharing, seek references for good web designers…the list could go on and on.

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The beauty of the nonprofit sector is that  the people in it are in it because they want to help people. Let me reiterate that: they WANT to help.

All you have to do is ask.