How To: Add a PayPal Button to Your Blog

| March 10, 2011

Donations are the backbone of any nonprofit organization. A great, free way to market requests for donations is to add a PayPal Donate button to your blog. If you have a Blogger blog, installing the button is easy. If you have a blog, it’s even easier. However, for the nonprofits using free blogs, working to install a PayPal button can seem intimidating. I know it was for me, at first.


If you’re looking to add a PayPal button to your blog, follow these 14 steps:

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click the Merchant Services tab and look for the “Create Buttons” area.

3. Select your desired button. For our purposes, we will be creating a Donate button.

4. Enter any customization features you’d like to see.

5. Click “Create Button”

6. On the next page, you will see generated code. For, click the “Email” tab (DO NOT use the “Website” code).

7. Copy the link under the “Email” tab.

8. Log in to your blog and proceed to your Dashboard (My Blogs > Blog Name > Dashboard).

9. Locate the Appearance area on the bottom left side of your Dashboard.

10. Click Widgets.

11. Select the “Text” widget and drag/drop it into your sidebar.

12. In the blank area of your new Text widget, type the following code (replace “PASTE YOUR LINK HERE” with the link you previously copied from PayPal):

13. Replace PASTE YOUR LINK HERE with the link you previously copied from PayPal. DO NOT delete the quotation marks! Only affect the letters in the words PASTE YOUR LINK HERE!!!!

14. Click Save.

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