{Design Work} Puma Life

| February 23, 2011

A lot of times, someone will come to me looking for help because they’re (what they call themselves) “blog-design illiterate”. What I love is helping people realize they don’t lack an eye for design…just the education to apply that design to the Web.

Mrs. Puma is one such client who has good, defined taste. She contacted me wanting a makeover for her personal blog.

We worked to incorporate “Sooner red”, custom fonts, and custom social media buttons. Mrs. Puma stated she wanted to try a 3-column layout, which I was excited for because it’d be my 1st 3-column blog, too! She also wanted a clean, understated sans-serif font and a more simple background (there’s that good taste I told you about!).

To accomplish this, I added a lot of customization (through HTML and CSS) to the Minima template on Blogger. We also wanted to reduce the load time of the blog’s header by reducing the graphic’s size. To get the header just right, I sent Mr. and Mrs. Puma about 7 options to choose from. I don’t like to impose my bias on this type of decision, but I was secretly hoping they’d pick a particular one (and they did!).

© Puma Life

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Puma for being so responsive and helpful. I hope you love your new look, and I wish you both the very best!

The Pumas have a lot of great things going on. A beautiful wedding, yummy food, and a current giveaway. Check ‘em out on Blogger, Facebook, and Flickr. If you love fashion (and food!), follow Mrs. Puma’s pins on Pinterest!

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