A Treat for Your Feet

| February 22, 2011

This week’s give back opportunity: Take a typical purchase (shoes) and turn it into a simple way to give back (do good).

A recent trend in weddings {that me and future hubs personally love} is the idea of having the groom and/or groomsmen sport some fun, often comfy, shoes.

{Via Mod 4}

So, I thought, why not turn that trend into an opportunity to give back?! These products would work great for couples looking to give back during their wedding, or simply any individual looking for some cause-worthy shoes.

Want the guys in your wedding to wear comfy shoes? OK! Opt for some that support great causes like Tom’s or Livestrong.



{Visit the Livestrong shop}


But we can’t leave the ladies out! Some brides have opted out of the painful 4-inch heel experience and opted in for comfy shoes.

{Via Manolo for the Brides}


Instead of choosing the typical Converse or Chucks, consider some cause-worthy options.

WeddingBee’s Real Budget profile of Brittany and Eric’s wedding offers some ways girls can take full advantage of Tom’s shoes, as do posts from Miss Oatmeal and Miss Pin Cushion.

If you’re looking for the more classic tennis shoe look, check out New Balance’s Pink Ribbon Shoes.

Or the Reebok Breast Cancer Awareness Shoe:

Would you consider adorning your feet with some of these cause-worthy shoes?

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