• Design Kudos: The ONE Campaign

    | February 15, 2011

    Fresh, clean, inviting. That’s what I think of every time I visit ONE’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter profile. Here are just some of the many reasons ONE gets my humble design kudos:

    Their logo embodies all of the elements of an effective logo.

    Their colors (black and white) are timeless and span cultures, gender, and age.

    For an organization that has a lot going on, ONE’s website does a great job of streamlining information for easy accessibility.

    It’s also important to applaud ONE’s consistent design choices throughout their marketing, from social media outlets to t-shirts and other apparel.

    What’s so great about ONE’s design choices, though, is that those choices have led to a massive support base. For example, ONE even uses their Twitter page as an opportuntity to call visitors to action.

    So way to go, ONE Campaign, for setting a model example for other nonprofits looking to make good design choices…and thanks for serving as daily inspiration to designers like me.

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