Teen Mom: Social Good or Social Ill?

| February 3, 2011

In recent news, skeptics are quick to cover the controversy surrounding MTV’s new show, Skins. The show isn’t the first of MTV’s to cause debate, though.

I’ve been seeing more and more Facebook statuses surrounding Teen Mom, bashing the show or lashing out against the moms. Facebook has also been the source of outrage against Teen Mom Amber’s abusive actions.

Most concerns, though, are against the show. Critics claim it glorifies teen pregnancy. Some even go as far to say the show encouraged an epidemic.


This outcry is ironic to some, considering the show was originally intended to promote safe sex practices…in essence, to decrease teen pregnancies.

What say you? Is the show subliminally telling young girls that it’s “cool” to get pregnant? Or, are any increases in teen pregnancies just a coincidence? If the show is doing more harm than good, should we ban it from television? Or does censorship only lead us on a slippery slope to the riots in Egypt?

*Food for thought*

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