Sell Your Wedding For Good

| February 1, 2011

It’s pretty common for brides (especially DIY and Budget brides) to sell wedding items on the Internet after the wedding. The classified sections on WeddingBee, Project Wedding, and RuffledBlog are growing in popularity. Some bloggers take it one step further and even list items on their personal blogs (shout out to Mrs. Puma!).

So for today’s Give Back Tuesday idea, I thought I’d twist up this common practice.

Consider selling your old wedding items, and donate the proceeds to charity. This idea could come in particularly handy if you’re in desperate need to clear some space in your living room. Mentioning in your classified ad that the proceeds will be donated to charity may motivate lookers to become buyers. (Remember to be honest…don’t say you’re going to donate and then not…I will come *smack you* if you do this, lol). While this SHOULD NOT be your sole motivating factor, remember that you’ll also get the added benefit of a tax write-off (oh, how I hate tax season).

“But,” you say, “I want to make a profit to pay for what it cost to originally buy these things.” Look, if that’s how you feel, then do it. Don’t let me or anyone else make you feel bad or question your opinion.

If you’re on the edge, simply allow me to offer you my perspective. As a bride-to-be, I know weddings don’t come free. The items I buy I’m buying because I want to…essentially because I want to feel good about our big day. When that big day is over, why not make another bride-to-be feel good buy offering the items at a discounted price, and in the process, make those in need feel good by donating the proceeds to a local charity?

Another option? Instead of selling those beautiful milk vases or picture frames, consider donating them to Goodwill, so a family in need can have the opportuntiy to spruce up their living room.

The best places to sell your wedding dress online | the, Not to mention, you can sell your wedding decor as well as dress, so it is definitely a great site to consider. in order to sell, you will want to have a paypal account set up and ready. to protect yourself, as well as the buyer, we highly recommend creating a detailed paypal invoice for your buyer.. How to sell a wedding dress | a practical wedding, F inding my wedding dress was stressful and not fun. i was on a budget and fighting an emotional battle with my mom who believed that $200 was an appropriate amount to spend. i was on a budget and fighting an emotional battle with my mom who believed that $200 was an appropriate amount to spend.. 9 best sites to sell your wedding dress on (forget ebay, You can also sell a plethora of other wedding-related items in this section, like decorative pieces from your big day, wedding ring, bridesmaid dress, etc. it’s a great place for brides on a budget to find some great pieces..

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10 best places to sell your wedding dress online to get, With over 5.5 million visitors in the past month, and over $14 million worth of dresses sold, still white is my pick for the best place to sell your wedding dress online. they have a $20 standard listing fee and a $30 premium listing fee, but absolutely zero commissions.. Used wedding dresses: where to buy and sell online, Tips for selling used wedding dresses. whether you aren't the sentimental type or you're just savvy, selling your used wedding dress is an easy way to recoup some money from your wedding.. Wedding gown: how can i sell my wedding gown? - the knot, There are a couple of ways to unload your wedding gown once the wedding is over. one of the easiest ways is to sell your dress online. several new sites have caught wind of the trend and in fact created entire online marketplaces around pre-owned wedding dresses..

Planning to sell your wedding gown? here's everything you, Just as picking out your wedding gown is a personal choice, selling it afterward is up to the individual bride. many modern brides, however, find that they want to recoup some money and put it. Should you sell your engagement ring (or wedding band, Sierra fein: “i recently used your services to sell an engagement and a wedding ring that i no longer needed after my divorce. when i was emotionally ready to sell these pieces, i went to my local jewelry store and was really disappointed with the small amount that they were willing to offer me..

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