{Design Work} Wine and Cheese, Please

| January 28, 2011

Today, I wrapped up the finishing touches on Laura’s new blog look!

Head on over and check it out…stat! Laura is an extremely sweet person who always writes from the heart. She has a background in healthcare and shares great insight into the field. Right now, she’s prepping for her wedding (aaaa, so exciting!) and trying to handle the stress that comes with planning one (it doesn’t help that her venue burnt down not too long ago!).

Since this is my first finished work since the launch of my b.CAUSE design services, I thought I’d share a bit about the process we went through:

  • Laura contacted me for a blog makeover. Her blog is hosted through Blogger. I love Laura’s blog and was excited and thankful for the opportunity.
  • We started by e-mailing back and forth ideas for the overall look.
  • Then, I sketched the design on notebook paper and labeled the corresponding HTML elements I would need.
  • I set up a test site, so Laura could see the drafts I was working on. After each draft, I asked her for her thoughts and made the necessary changes.
  • When she was satisfied with the look, she made a donation to her choice charity (Doctors Without Borders) and sent me a confirmation e-mail from the organization. I logged into her account and spent about an hour installing it for her.

I can’t thank Laura enough for giving me the opportunity to work on her blog. It reaffirmed my love for web design and reminded me why I launched this program in the first place!

For more information on how you can get a no-profit-to-me blog makeover, visit Services: For Bloggers. Don’t forget to also check out the Frequently Asked Questions. Get a design makeover while supporting good causes!!!

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