Buy Coffee+Provide Clean Water = Awesome

| January 19, 2011

“Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.” -Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

It’s disheartening to know many people can’t/don’t support suchandsuch cause because they “don’t have enough time” or they “don’t have the spare money”.

Social entrepreneurs, like the founders of Three Avocados, are changing this mindset.

The idea is simple, really, but profound. For every cup of coffee you purchase from Three Avocados, a portion is donated to provide clean water in Uganda.

The simple answer is that anywhere between $0.50 and $3.00 per bag provides clean water. This amount is dependent upon the retail channel the coffee is purchased through. Purchases made online through our web site provide the most support for clean water. –Read more

The coffee is grown in Uganda, so the product really does help the people who made it.

Three Avocados is more than a great cause, we’re great coffee. Our coffee beans are 100% Arabica and come from Mt. Elgon in Uganda. Uganda is bordered to the north by Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, and by Kenya to the east, also known for amazing coffee. In fact, Mt. Elgon borders Kenya and Uganda, and much of the highly praised Kenyan coffee is grown on the same mountain. East Africa has long been known as the source of some of the best coffee beans in the world, and Uganda is no exception. Our beans are hand picked when the coffee cherry is at it’s peak of ripeness. After drying in the sun, the beans are wet processed, to ensure the highest quality coffee possible. –Read More

A nonprofit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri (Holla! Go Cards!), Three Avocados is dedicated to using a common business concept (coffee) and transforming it into a social cause (providing clean water). One of the founders puts it best when he says “The concept is to get people to think about how the products they buy impact the world around them.”

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Help spread the word by liking Three Avocados on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and subscribing to their blog. Most importantly, though, I encourage you to purchase their coffee online at