To Jumo, Or Not To Jumo?

| January 5, 2011

(Information pulled from Nonprofit Tech 2.0)

“, the new social network for causes and nonprofits created by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes went live this morning. They have launched with a small number of nonprofits, but you can easily add your organization in just a couple of clicks (if you are a 501(c)(3) as defined by the IRS you can use the site for online fundraising). It is worth noting that anyone can “Add an Organization” to Jumo, so this is one of those increasing common situations where nonprofits don’t really have a choice of whether they want to participate or not. Eventually, someone will add your organization for you. It’s better to be proactive and add your own organization as soon as possible so you can make sure it is done correctly.” Click to read the full article.

There’s no certainity whether Jumo will be overly successful. It could easily turn into a disorganized mess like, in my opinion, has. I signed up today, and I will say that I appreciated the ease to which I could sign up (it simply asked to access my Facebook account login). But, part of that ease diminished once I landed on my profile page:


I can tell the makers of Jumo were trying their best to mimic the layout of Facebook, probably in the hopes to make the new site easy to work with (because, let’s face it, people hate change).

However, it’s a little unclear WHAT I’m supposed to do. Cool, so I have all of these non-profits I’m now following…now what?

On Jumo, I get a live stream of updates from the organizations I’m following. Okay…but the same thing happens in my Facebook news feed. And on Facebook, I can integrate that with the general social networking with friends I wan to do.

On Jumo, you have the ability to directly donate to any 501(c)(3) organization. Okay…but most non-profits have now integrated similar formats through FMBL applications on their fan pages.


Don’t get me wrong–I am really hoping Jumo is successful, because it could mean great things for nonprofit organizations. As with all new things, though, there a few problems I, as a user, have found. Namely, what can I get from Jumo that I can’t get from Facebook?

***I strongly recommend reading Nonprofit Tech 2.0′s article on why your nonprofit should join Jumo. It’s an interesting take.