Use Address Labels For Good

| August 17, 2010

Last time, we talked about Gifts that Give Back. Today, since I’m knee deep in designing the overall look of our paper products, I thought I’d talk about how you can give back with address labels and stamps.

“Life is never so busy that there is no time to serve” -Sharon Tan

Oh, how true this is. In the days of ever-accessible information, there are NUMEROUS ways even the BUSIEST person can get involved in whatever it is they are passionate about. Take, for example, dog lovers. Do you consider buying stamps simple and time-efficient? Cuz I do. And the USPS has created a really cool program to help support animal shelters.

Learn more about Stamps to the Rescue here.

Buying stamps to help dogs…SUH-WEET!
Dogs not your thing? What about breast cancer awareness?  What about going green? Or the Armed Forces? Find tons of charity postage at Zazzle.
{Keep in mind that postage is going up to .46 cents come Jan. 2011 and these bad dawgs (pun intended) are .44 cent stamps. So get ‘em while you can! I’ve gone ahead and purchased some and will be using them to mail our Save the Dates in December.}
Stamps are pretty plentiful–if you can’t find a cause you’re looking for, you can always just design something yourself and upload it to Zazzle.
Something less common are using charity return address labels. Honestly, I never thought about it until I got these in the mail:

These are custom return address labels from the World Wildlife Federation. I also have sheets from the Humane Society, ASPCA, and PETA. All I did was sign up as an online advocate and make a small monetary contribution ($10).

If you give to certain charities, they will send you address labels and other small items to try and get you to donate each year. Instead of purchasing a bunch of address labels for $10 through the Internet, I simply made a $10 donation to one of my favorite charities.

This way I’m not spending any more money than I would have been, but the $10 goes to charity rather than to a printing company. Now I get all the address labels I need while giving a donation to the charity.

A lot of times, you can get the labels for free, too. Ehow even has an article on how to do it, saying

“We’ve all gotten those advertisements for pretty checks and address labels, but some people might not know that there are ways to get great address labels for free.”

Since most brides-to-be are pretty picky about the design of their return address labels, remember you can always design a label that supports a charity yourself and have it printed through Vistaprint or something. By simply LISTING a cause on all of your wedding mailings, you are doing a lot to support the charity by raising awareness.

Did you/do you plan on use(ing) any special stamps or address labels? Or did you use calligraphy/computer printing/wrap labels?