Volunteer Opportunity of the Week: Buy Dawn Dish Soap!

| July 29, 2010
Let me add the disclaimer that I have not been paid to promote the buying of Dawn dish soap {ha, I wish, I’m broke!}. These are simply my thoughts…
Not everyone has the time/energy to go volunteer every week with Habitat for Humanity, right? I get that.
So this week, I want to feature a uber-simple way you can help a good cause: buy dish soap. {wwwwhhhatttt?! Could it be that easy?} Well, there is one more catch I should mention: buy DAWN dish soap.

Anyone who wants to do their small part to help offset this {or other} oil spill{s}–buy Dawn dish soap. They donate money from every bottle to clean animals caught in spills…and they’ve been doing it long before this disaster. Learn more about How Dawn Saves Wildlife.


Just look for the bottles with the cute little animals on them (I personally love the penguin and the seal) and be sure to visit the website on the bottle (www.dawnsaveswildlife.com) after you make the purchase to activate the donation!

Easy schmeezy. 


The marine mammal center : dawn saves wildlife, Dawn saves wildlife. dawn dish soap has donated more than $4 million to its wildlife partners, international bird rescue and the marine mammal center.". A campaign for dawn: tough on crude oil, soft on ducklings, Dawn is the leading american dish soap brand, with 36 percent of the category, according to information resources, a market research firm whose data does not include wal-mart stores. revenue for dishwashing liquid in the 52 weeks that ended sept. 6 totaled $623 million, a 5 percent increase over the previous year, owing perhaps to the recession driving more people to eat at home.. Fred meyer: unadvertised deals $0.50 american beauty pasta, Buy (2) all laundry that makes it $0.84. i was getting low on dish soap and dawn is my favorite brand, make sure to see what else is on sale this week!.

Carolina wrens #18-0049 and 18-0050 update | the wildlife, [with dilutions of dawn dish soap] it should be ready to start acclimating to the outside later this week. volunteer opportunities;. Mayor's give a day week of service - metro united way, Find mayor's give a day week of service opportunities below. if you would like to narrow your search further, click on the "advanced search" button near the bottom of the page. there you will be able to refine your search results by time (ex. weekdays or weekends), location (ex. bullitt county), population served (ex. children, animals, etc.) and skills requested.. Wish list - marine mammal care, Volunteer opportunities; sponsorship opportunities; membership; wish list; buy a seal a meal! shop. dawn dish soap; fish oil capsules;.

Sustainability for families: easy steps for a greener, As an ambassador for dawn dish soap, we shop for groceries once a week i’m actively searching and on the look out for events and volunteer opportunities. Why dawn is the bird cleanser of choice for oil spills : npr, This week's must read; volunteer; back. dawn dishwashing detergent is used to clean up just about anything covered with oil — from birds to sea.