If Today Was Your Last Day

| July 13, 2010


***I feel all serious and stuff with my posts lately, so you must play the video to keep you entertained! Oh, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside from this \/ \/ \/ \/ ***

While on vacation, I learned of a few things my grandparents and parents “wish they could’ve/would’ve done,” and it made me realize I don’t want to live with those kind of regrets. D and I got to talking about a few things we really want to do, and me, being the list-obsessed person that I am, decided we should make a “bucket list”–a list of all the things we want to do before we die. Since we’ll be embarking on this journey as husband and wife soon, we decided we would combine our lists together. So here it is:

*Visit all the States together. (We’re really excited about this one. We even printed out a map of all the states and marked off all the ones we’ve already visited together: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, and Florida. I’ve also visited Wisconsin, Virginia, Alabama, and Arkansas by myself and he’s visited a few by himself, but we’re not counting those.)

*Go scubadiving

*Go on a mission trip

*Buy a house

*Go to the ComicCon

*Go to an MLB All-Star Game

*Ride a really big Ferris Wheel

*Hike a mountain

*Visit the birthplace of my ancestors (hello, Irleland!)

*Donate to lots of charities

*Plant a tree and watch it grow

*Sleep under the stars

*Swim with sharks

*Watch a meteor shower

*Travel out of the country

*Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and drink butterbeer

*Take a dance class

*Perform on stage

*Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty

*Plant a garden

*Have a pillow fight

*Skip school

*Run a marathon

*Hold a newborn

*Go to Greece for a vacation

*Take the polar bear plunge

*Build a snow fort

*See a total eclipse

*Go on a cruise

*Travel out of the country

*Watch a sunrise/sunset

*Visit a Native American reservation

*Have enough money to live comfortably

*Sing kareoke

*Teach myself an art/craft

*Make lots of scrapbooks

*Have my portrait painted (I’m counting caricatures)

*Walk on a beach by moonlight

*Subscribe to Missouri Conservation

*Play in the mud

*Kiss in the pouring rain

*Take a martial arts class

*Go to a drive-in movie

*Serve at a soup kitchen

*Go dolphin watching

*Make a cookbook of family recipies

*Fly in a helicopter

*Ride a motorcycle

*Be an extra in a movie

*See the Grand Canyon in person

*Buy and pay off car

*Go on a road trip

*Go on a float trip

*Save a life

*Have my picture in a newspaper

*Shake a famous person’s hand

*Have an Ancestry report done

So there you have it. Keep the fun going and share your “list,” whether it be a 35 Before 35, a Bucket List, etc. etc.

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