Quote of the Week: It’s all about humanity!

| June 28, 2010
“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.”
– Leo Tolstoy

I stumbled across this quote while on Facebook (who woulda thought, huh?). I was initially drawn to it not just because of the implications behind it, but also because of the author. If you’ll recall, I read Into the Wild for a class last semester, and Leo Tolstoy was a fav. author to the main character, Chris. Chris was inspired by authors like Tolstoy who strove to live a life beyond material acquisitions, beyond earthly obsessions. The notion has always been one that has intrigued me.

D knows more than anyone how frustrating it can be to live with me. :-) I’m just the type of person who needs “purpose” in everything I do…even seemingly meaningless part-time jobs need to provide some type of fulfillment for me or I get bored really quick.

What about you? Do you agree with this statement?

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